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The KCE makes specific quidelines. Doctor Abeloos is one of the authors...


KCE is an organisation who is dedicated to optimize the running of the health care system in our country. They aspire a quality health care system that is accessible for everyone.

Currently they focus on five areas:

1. Organization and financing of the health care system
2. Development of clinical practice guidelines
3. Evaluation of new medical technologies and medicines
4. Coordinating the program of the clinical studies
5. Development of methodological guides with valid methods of work

Every year, together with the College of Oncologie, a to be dealt with subject is decided. The guidelines from 2015 are mainly about the screening, treatment and monitoring of various kinds of cancer. The KCE makes guidelines concerning the treatment of cancer of the mouth, throat and larynx (Orofarynx & Larynx). Because of the rareness of this caner it has to be carefully treated by a multidisciplinary team (oncologists, facial surgeons, ENT specialists,radiotherapists, radiologists, speech therapists, psychologists, nutritionists, …). Therefore a multidisciplinary team was assembled to put together these guidelines. Doctor Abeloos Johan is one of the authors. The guidelines are assembled to offer the health care providers the knowledge about the right approach to this type of cancer so they can optimize the care.

Drafted guidelines for the treatment of cancer of the mouth, throat and larynx. KCE Report 256 As 'CANCER OF THE OROPHARYNX, HYPOPHARYNX AND LARYNX: DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT AND MONITORING':


Source of information: http://www.kcenet.be/annualreport/2015/nl.html

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